About Zaroli

Where It All Began
Creativity has always been in my life. My mother was a seamstress, and for as long as I remember, she was always making clothes. Most of mine and my two sisters’ childhood outfits were designed and made by her, even if I didn’t like the style myself!
I definitely appreciated my mother’s gift and expertise more when we were older! My sisters and I would tell her what we wanted, and together we would come up with a design that she would sew for us. So we always had original and one-off clothes that nobody else had, and it made me feel rather special. She had great joy in making outfits for us – not only because we were her daughters, but because she loved to make people happy. To see my smiling face when wearing something that she was able to create for me gave her immense joy. And because she enjoyed making people happy, everything she ever created was made with love.
I think a lot of mother has rubbed off on me. She has been a big inspiration in my life, and I get the same happiness that she did when making a special piece of jewellery that will not only look amazing on the woman who puts it on, but will also give her joy in owning and wearing it. And it will always be made with love.
Because of this, I never produce anything for the mass market, or what I think would sell well. Each piece has taken hours of designing and perfecting, and has been made because I think that the piece I am creating will look beautiful on whoever is wearing it.
I hope that you will love my jewellery as much as I do. And I hope that you enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.
Zauhrin James
Founder & Jewellery Designer