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July Birthstone Ruby Bracelet


925 Sterling Silver

Hand beaded with multi-faceted Ruby rondelles

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This beautiful Ruby bracelet excels in it’s simplicity.  It comprises of precious red Ruby beads as the birthstone to represent those born in July. Multi-faceting on each bead allows the bracelet to have a subtle sparkle and shine. The beads are asymmetric sizes and shapes.  This adds to the rawness and charm of the bracelet, and making it unique. Swarovski crystals and diamond cut sterling silver curve beads add an elegant finish.

Hand beaded onto the ‘gold standard’ of jewellery wire. The wire contains 49 individual strands, making the foundation of this bracelet strong, durable, and very flexible.

Being hand made means that the utmost care and attention has been placed, from the beginning to the end of creation.  This ensures that you receive only the very best.

In 925 sterling silver, the precious metal of choice for jewellery.

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