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Sterling Silver Lucky Rings Necklace


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Delicate Lucky Rings necklace in sterling silver, gold and rose gold over sterling silver. Each ring represents long life, good friends, health, love, wealth, peace, and happiness, and wearing these rings is said to bring you luck in all these areas.

There is an ancient fable that says: “Place these rings upon your chain and let the luck they hold remain: by turning one ring from left to right your luck then lasts from morn til night. All seven complete the lucky week, each day providing the wish you seek”. The rings can then also represent each day of the week, and therefore bring you luck every day of your life.

The extender chain makes this necklace extendable from approximately 16″ to 18″.

Being hand made means that the utmost care and attention has been placed, from the beginning to the end of creation. This ensures that you receive only the very best.

In 925 sterling silver, the precious metal of choice for jewellery.